Water Quality

Maintaining water quality is a key responsibility of any facility. Frog Environmental provides a complete suite of water quality services to assist you with achieving compliance. Frog consultants are trained and certified to handle all aspects of water quality, including industrial and construction storm water, wastewater, winery orders, and agriculture orders. Our staff has over 250 years of combined experience in storm water consulting. From planning and permitting to monitoring and reporting, our services ensure compliance with even the strictest federal, state, and local regulations across the nation.  We take pride in being one of the only true turn-key solutions to water quality management, offering our clients BMPs and patented water treatment technology in addition to our hands-on consulting services.

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Health and Safety

It takes a lot to make a workplace safe. Frog can ensure that your business’s health and safety plans meet standards set by   health agencies and local regulators. Our Frog Health and Safety experts have the technology and experience to cost-effectively accommodate all compliance requirements. We can provide training and inspections to make sure your facility is always ready to meet the standards of inspectors, whether from OSHAEPA,      or any agency. Frog recognizes that all aspects of health and safety compliance, from proper recordkeeping and material labelling to safety equipment upkeep, are crucial for a facility. When it comes to the health and safety of your workplace and employees, Frog is committed to providing quality services.


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Hazardous Materials

Frog understands that in a HAZMAT incident, well-managed plans and countermeasures can help avoid a catastrophe in the workplace. Your facility may need multiple plans such as spill prevention, emergency response, and HMBPs depending on the quantity and type of hazardous materials on site. Frog will work with you to make sure you have the appropriate plans to comply with the requirements from your local first responders and environmental health agencies. Beyond plan and permit development, Frog can cover additional aspects of Hazardous Material services that your facility may need including inventory, training, and reporting. Our Frog Hazardous Materials team has the experience to ensure workplace safety and regulatory compliance at your facility.                                                                        

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Air Quality

Changing air quality standards and regulations can make it difficult for a facility to know what to do to remain compliant. Frog Environmental can help you make sure that your facility’s air quality meets local, state, and federal standards. Our Frog Air Quality team has the expertise needed to provide a range of Air Quality services for your facility, including permitting, emissions reporting, and auditing. We can determine what rules are applicable to your facility so that you have the right permit with the correct emissions calculated. Whether it is inventory of your equipment emissions, rule-specific reporting, or deficiency determinations, Frog can provide what you need to stay in compliance.

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