Wineries and the New Industrial General Permit2021-01-17T12:19:06+00:00

Wineries in California must now comply with the New Industrial General Permit Regulating Stormwater Run-off

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Compliance Group

We are now forming a Compliance Group to help Wineries comply with Water Board regulations to avoid Penalties and Lawsuits.

Joining a Compliance Group will:

  • Lower your compliance costs
  • Provide FREE QISP Training Led by Trainer of Record
  • Allows peace of mind that you’re fully complying with State regulations
  • Ensure you receive the highest quality service
  • Provide safety in numbers as annual compliance costs decrease as your Winery Compliance Group grows

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› Click on this link to access excerpts from the Industrial General Permit outlining Compliance Groups and Compliance Group Leaders

“The Compliance Group option… allows Dischargers of the same industry type to comply with this General Permit through shared resources in a cost saving manner.”
-Industrial General Permit Fact Sheet Section II.M