SWPPP Monitoring Visual Observations in California2016-11-11T19:19:31+00:00

SWPPP Monitoring Visual Observations

What do Visual Observations for Stormwater Discharge require?

Visual Observations require:

  • Monthly Visual Observations
    • all drainage areas for
      • authorized or unauthorized nonstormwater discharges and its sources
      • outdoor industrial-related sources of pollutants
    • during operating hours with daylight and without rain
    • explanation for any missing or uncompleted monthly observations to be included in Annual Report
  • Visual Observations during Sampling Event of discharge location
    • record presence or absence of
      • discolorations
      • floating and suspended materials
      • odors
      • oil and grease
      • sources of pollutants
      • trash/debris
      • turbidity
    • include sampling of any bypass of bmp
    • record locations that were not observed during any sampling event
    • explanation for any missing or uncompleted visual observation during sampling event in Annual Report
  • Visual Observation Records to include:
    • date
    • time
    • locations
    • pollutants and its sources
    • individual(s) that performed the visual observation
    • revisions to SWPPP in response to observations
  • Any Necessary Revisions
    • BMPs shall be revised if observations indicate that the SWPPPs cannot adequately address pollutant sources