SWPPP Monitoring Implementation Plan SIC Code Table Analytical Parameters2016-11-13T10:28:40+00:00

SWPPP Monitoring Implementation Plan SIC Code Table Analytical Parameters

Additional Analytical Parameters for SWPPP sampling and analysis

SIC code SIC code Description Parameters*
102X Copper Ores COD; N+N
12XX Coal Mines Al; Fe
144X Sand and Gravel N+N
207X Fats and Oils BOD; COD; N+N
2421 Sawmills & Planning Mills COD; Zn
2426 Hardwood Dimension COD
2429 Special Product Sawmills COD
243X Millwork, Veneer, Plywood COD
244X Wood Containers COD
245X Wood Buildings & Mobile Homes COD
2491 Wood Preserving As; Cu
2493 Reconstituted Wood Products COD
263X Paperboard Mills COD
281X Industrial Inorganic Chemicals Al; Fe; N+N
282X Plastic Materials, Synthetics Zn
284X Soaps, Detergents, Cosmetics N+N; Zn
287X Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc. Fe; N+N; Pb; Zn; P
301X Tires, Inner Tubes Zn
302X Rubber and Plastic Footwear Zn
305X Rubber & Plastic Sealers & Hoses Zn
306X Misc. Fabricated Rubber Products Zn
325X Structural Clay Products Al
326X Pottery & Related Products Al
3297 Non-Clay Refractories Al
327X Concrete, Gypsum, Plaster Products (Except 3274) Fe
3295 Minerals & Earths Fe
331X Steel Works, Blast Furnaces, Rolling and Finishing Mills Al; Zn
332X Iron and Steel Foundries Al; Cu; Fe; Zn
335X Metal Rolling, Drawing, Extruding Cu; Zn
336X Nonferrous Foundries (Castings) Cu; Zn
34XX Fabricated Metal Products (Except 3479) Zn; N+N; Fe; Al
3479 Coating and Engraving Zn; N+N
4953 Hazardous Waste Facilities NH3; Mg; COD; As; Cn; Pb; HG; Se; Ag
44XX Water Transportation Al; Fe; Pb; Zn
45XX Air Transportation Facilities16 BOD; COD; NH3
4911 Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities Fe
4953 Landfills and Land Application Facilities Fe
5015 Dismantling or Wrecking Yards Fe; Pb; Al
5093 Scrap and Waste Materials (not including source-separated recycling) Fe; Pb; Al; Zn; COD




Abbreviation Element
Ag Silver
Al Aluminum
As Arsenic
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Cd Cadmium
Cn Cyanide
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
Cu Copper
Fe Iron
Hg Mercury
Mg Magnesium
N+N Nitrate & Nitrite Nitrogen
NH Ammonia
Ni Nickel
P Phosphorous
Se Selenium
TSS Total Suspended Solids
Zn Zinc
Pb Lead