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Violations, Lawsuits and Enforcement

How SMARTS electronic reporting requirements make industrial facilities more vulnerable than ever.

The new IGP contains many changes compared to the previous 1997 IGP. Because the new IGP contains electronic reporting requirements, making permit compliance information available to the general public via the Stormwater Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS), industrial dischargers must take action to avoid costly legislation and penalties. Learn how to comply with the EPA, Clean Water Act (CWA), State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB), Nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and NPDES.

Violations and Penalties

The California State Water Board’s new Industrial General Permit (IGP) calls for potential civil penalties as high as $37,500 per calendar day for any person who violates IGP conditions. Fines up to $10,000 and imprisonment are also possible for falsification of compliance records required by the IGP.

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Environmental Lawsuits

Third Party Environmental Groups now pose a more serious threat than ever before. Environmental lawsuits are filed every day against industrial companies. The new IGP requires sample results to be uploaded online to the SMARTS database, creating complete transparency. This allows attorneys to easily access your sample results online. Environmental lawsuits can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability.

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Level 1 and Level 2 Status – Enforcement of Industrial General Permit

Facilities that become Level 1 Status due to an annual NAL exceedance or two instantaneous maximum NAL exceedances will have additional requirements assigned to the facility. This includes facility oversight by a Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner (QISP), implementation of additional BMPs to address pollutants in storm water runoff, and a Level 1 ERA Report submitted online via the SMARTS database.

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Avoid Risks

Our advice is to avoid the substantial risks and heavy financial burden that penalties and lawsuits can carry. Take this opportunity to address your storm water exceedances now. The expertise of four Industrial Trainers of Record (ToRs) and over 10 QISPs on staff at Frog Environmental means you can rest assured that your storm water needs are covered.