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QISP Training Course & Exam Preparation

– Industrial General Permit Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner

What does QISP stand for?

QISP stands for Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner.

What is a Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner (QISP)?

The new California Industrial General Permit (IGP) calls for a storm water expert with a specialized designation of QISP to oversee Level 1 or 2 Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Evaluations and Reports. When Numeric Action Levels (NALs) are exceeded by an extreme amount or on multiple occasions by Industrial facilities permitted under the IGP, enforcement actions are triggered resulting in facilities being designated as Level 1 Status or Level 2 Status. These enforcement actions for Level 1 Status and Level 2 Status require evaluations, reports and technical demonstrations that must be prepared and overseen by a QISP.

Why Become a QISP?

If a facility is exceeding the NALs (Numeric Action Levels) for one or more parameters they are required to test for, it becomes imperative to hire a QISP to provide the consulting services needed to comply with Level 1 Status or Level 2 Status. While some companies will have an internal employee with the expertise to qualify as a QISP, the knowledge and training required to become QISP certified is substantial. If your facility does not have an employee with the time and knowledge-base to become a QISP, Storm Water Systems has many QISPs on staff ready to help you comply with Level 1 Status or Level 2 Status and create a BMP Action Plan to get your facility back to baseline status.

How does one Become a QISP?

To become a QISP, an interested candidate must register and pay a fee through the Office of Water Programs (OWP). The training to become a QISP is primarily online, with an additional one-day class that must be attended in person and must be taught by an Industrial Trainer of Record (ToR). QISP exam preparation and training are substantial and requires a tremendous knowledge base in storm water compliance to pass the exams throughout the online modules.

An Industrial Trainer of Record is required to provide the final one-day training to become a Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner. Candidates who would like to become a QISP must complete the intensive online training modules, pass the timed tests involved, attend the one-day training, and pass the final QISP exam.

Frog Environmental QISP Training Courses

Frog Environmental will be providing ongoing QISP Training Courses to fulfill the QISP one-day in-person training requirement. If you are a Frog Environmental customer, contact our office to inquire about upcoming QISP Training Course dates.