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No Exposure Certification (NEC) Services
Three Year NEC Contract: $925 per year
One Year NEC Contract: $1,295 per year
  • Gather Discharger and Facility Information
  • Perform a Site Walk
  • Perform a facility evaluation of the eleven major areas that storm water exposure may occur
  • Prepare and submit a Site Map in accordance with the requirements in Section X.E of the IGP
  • SMARTS Database Registration Electronic certification and submittal of NEC Permit Registration Documents (PRDs) via State Water Resources Control Board’s (State Water Board’s) Storm Water Multi-Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS)
  • Preparation of NEC Checklist demonstrating that: (1) the facility has been evaluated, (2) none of the following materials or activities are, or will be in the foreseeable future, exposed to precipitation, and (3) all unauthorized Non-Storm Water Discharges (NSWDs) have been eliminated
  • Upload Documents for Submittal

Frog Environmental NEC Services Information

Your Company is Required to Comply with New Stormwater Legislation

New environmental regulations state that all companies previously EXEMPT (the majority of SIC Codes 2000-4225) are NO LONGER exempt from having a stormwater permit and complying with the new Industrial General Permit. For your company or facility to be exempt, you must qualify under the No Exposure Certification (NEC). To qualify, you are required to complete an extensive checklist and submit to the Regional Water Board. However, if you do not get approved, you could be required to establish monitoring compliance of stormwater discharges.


Penalties for not complying are set at $37,500 PER DAY for each day you do not have an NEC or an active stormwater monitoring plan in place.
Frog Environmental will help you submit all necessary documentation to ensure compliance.

Your Next Step:

  1. If you know you need to submit an NEC, please contact Frog Environmental today.
  2. If you are uncertain about the NEC, please contact Frog Environmental today for a FREE consultation and site review to ensure your stormwater compliance and protect you from government penalties

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