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Stormwater Treatment in California

Storm Water Separators

Frog Env facilitates installation and maintenance of storm water separators. These multi-chambered devices are used to remove oil and grease, heavy solids, trash, and some metals and nutrients. These are typically installed underground. Frog Env has sold, installed, and performed maintenance on these types of systems alone or with contractors.

Storm Water Polishers

These types of systems are installed in addition to the separators to “polish” the storm water as a final step before discharge. Site specific filtration media is utilized, depending on what pollutants we are treating. There are several types of polishers and media on the market, and Frog Env can help you decide on the most cost effective system for your facility. These can either be installed underground or aboveground, depending on the brand.

Storm Water Inlet Protection

Typically, this type of BMP is the most cost effective. These can be anything from industrial wattles, to bag filters, drop in filters, or oil absorbing materials. Frog Env has several distributorships set up for these kinds of products, so you can be sure you are getting the best prices available.

Installation and Maintenance

Once the BMP or combination of BMPs is decided on, whether a drop inlet filter or a new storm water treatment system, Frog can install and maintain them.
Maintenance typically needs to be performed at least once per year, before October 1st; which is the start of the rain season in California. Installation can be simple (lift a grate, drop in a filter, and replace the grate) to complex (hiring an engineer to design it, contractors to dig a hole, using a crane to drop filter in, electricians to get power to it, plumbers to install piping) – either way, Frog Env can provide turnkey treatment systems.

Frog can provide any maintenance needed to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your system. As part of this offered maintenance, Frog also conducts quality assurance and inspections of the various media and chemicals used in the treatment process. This enables us to ensure that the best possible treatment/filtration strategy is being implemented to treat your site’s pollutants.

Site Wash

Frog Env can wash your site clean! We utilize vactor trucks and power washers. All water is captured and disposed of according to regulations. These services leave your site clean and ready for the next storm event.

Additional Services

Site cleaning solutions including street sweeping, site washing, vacuum trucks, vactor trucks storm drain cleanout, and storm drain filter installation.

Simple & Easy Installations for your Site

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