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Industrial Storm Water Consultants and Environmental Health and Safety Specialists, providing a wide range of compliance services for industrial facilities across the Western United States. Our services help you navigate the increasingly complex environmental regulatory landscape.

Our focus is in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. Learn more about Frog Environmental and the markets we serve. To contact us, call 1-877-FROGENV.

stormwater runoff services

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Development

Frog Environmental begins the SWPPP Development process by performing a site walk. We evaluate your industrial facility, assess your potential pollutants sources and recommend cost-effective Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce pollutants in your stormwater run-off. Our site-specific plans are clear, concise, and expertly written to comply with the stringent regulations of the new Industrial General Permit (IGP) that went into effect on July 1st, 2015. Your SWPPP will establish stormwater outfalls and sampling points, as well as including a facility diagram, a potential pollutant diagram and a monitoring diagram. Your existing SWPPP can be updated to bring it into compliance with new regulations, or we can create a brand new SWPPP for facilities that have never had one. SWPPP development can be part of your annual monitoring contract, or can be a stand-alone, a la carte service.


Stormwater Monitoring Services

The new Industrial General Permit requires industrial businesses within a specific set of SIC codes to comply with California Stormwater Permit monitoring requirements. Frog Environmental partners with industrial companies to provide the services needed to fully and affordably comply with the State Water Board. Frog creates easy-to-use Monitoring Plans with all required Monthly Storm Water Observation Forms and Quarterly Non-Storm Water Observation Forms. We will train your Pollution Prevention Team or your entire staff in BMP implementation, proper sampling and record keeping methods. We issue your company e-mailed rain alerts to notify you of pending storm events so you can be prepared. These monitoring services are proven to increase compliance, reduce pollutant and exceedance levels and are offered for one flat-rate, yearly fee with no hidden costs. We also provide our clients with a real-time, web-based custom software interface, FROGTracker, which allows clients to store all monitoring records electronically and access them anytime. Our clients have found our monitoring services to be an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and gain peace of mind.


Stormwater Run-Off Sampling

Frog Environmental provides stormwater sampling services with pick-up and delivery to lab for analysis, making it easy for customers. Our consultants will determine the parameters required for testing, arrange for pick-up of your storm water samples and have the samples analyzed at a California State Certified Lab. Frog will then report the results, upload the results to the State Water Resources SMARTS Database and interpret the results. This data is incorporated into your Annual Report.


Annual Report

The Annual Report is a summary of your facility’s stormwater compliance history, due by July 15th each year. Before the July 15th deadline, we perform the required Annual Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluation (ACSCE), collect the records you have created (Quarterly and Monthly Observations), and include run-off sampling analysis. All of this data is incorporated into the mandated Annual Report, completing the requirements to comply with California Stormwater Permit regulations. We facilitate signature and submittal to the SMARTS Database of the Annual Report to the appropriate Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) or State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), and obtain proof of delivery for our clients.


Level 1 ERA (Exceedance Response Action)

Once a facility enters Level 1 status, an Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Evaluation must be performed and a Level 1 ERA Report must be filed with the Water Board via the Storm Water Multiple Application & Report Tracking System (SMARTS) database. Frog Environmental can help your facility avoid ERA Level 1 Status and ERA Level 2 Status. Contact us for a complimentary site visit to determine an affordable BMP strategy to reduce your facility’s pollutants now, before you advance to Level 1 status or Level 2 status.


Notice of Non-Applicability (NONA)

Industrial facilities who claim “No Discharge” may apply for a Notice of Non-Applicability (NONA) if they meet the following eligibility requirements:
1. The facility is not hydrologically connected to the waters of the United States.
2. The facility is designed to contain the maximum historic precipitation event (or series of events) of the past 100 year, so that there will be no discharge of industrial stormwater. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency provides historic precipitation data that must be used to make this determination.
If your facility meets the requirements, then a No Discharge Technical Report that demonstrates eligibility must be prepared and signed by a California licensed professional engineer along with the NONA submittal, via the SMARTS database.


EH&S (Environmental Health & Safety)

Industrial facilities with hazardous materials on site are required to have a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) in place for the safety and security of employees, first responders and the environment. The HMBP must be updated each year. Frog Environmental offers Environmental Health and Safety Services, making it convenient for customers to achieve compliance in the areas of storm water and EH&S. It is important to maintain compliance in EH&S to avoid violations from inspections by local Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) such as fire departments, cities and counties, depending on which area of California a facility is located in. Contact us today by clicking here or calling 310-241-0866 for a FREE site evaluation to determine your EH&S compliance needs and how Frog Environmental can help.