Stormwater Environmental Groups – Third Party Citizen Lawsuit – Enforcement Federal Clean Water Act – 60 Day Notice of Intent to File Suit2017-02-16T11:25:26+00:00

Environmental Lawsuits

Third Party Environmental Groups now pose a more serious threat than ever before. Environmental lawsuits are filed every day against industrial companies. The new IGP requires sample results to be uploaded online to the SMARTS database, creating complete transparency. This allows attorneys to easily access your sample results online. Environmental lawsuits can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability.

Citizen Third Party Civil Action Lawsuits

Under the Federal Clean Water Act, Civil Action Lawsuits are filed by third party Citizen Organizations.
These environmental groups primarily base their alleged violations on EPA benchmark exceedances of storm water sampling.
Examples of Citizen Organizations filing 60-day Notices of Intent to File Suit:

  • California Sport Fishing Protection Alliance
  • Santa Monica Baykeeper
  • San Francisco Baykeeper
  • Communities for the Better Environment
  • Orange County Coastkeeper
  • Northern California River Watch
  • Ecological Rights Foundation
  • Environmental World Watch
  • Our Children’s Earth Foundation
  • TEAM Enterprises
  • Wild Equity Institute
  • Wishtoyo Foundation
  • John and Pauline Loades
  • Ventura Coastkeeper

Costly Remedies Sought by Citizen Organizations

Injunctive Relief:

If injuctive relief is granted, the alleged violating facility would have to comply to cease their alleged violation(s).  Typically, the injunctive relief would depend on the violations alleged.

  • Site improvements to satisfy lawsuit (Hundreds of thousands of dollars)

Monetary Relief:

  • Consent Decree
    • Minimum $50,000
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Cash settlement
  • Environmental Project funding
  • Payments for monitoring and observations
  • Third party environmental group’s legal fees
    • Ranging from $20,000 to $100,000s