Intermediate Best Management Practices (BMPs)2017-02-19T00:22:26+00:00

Intermediate BMPs

When Basic BMPs are being utilized and deployed correctly, but sample results continue to yield exceedances, it is imperative for industrial facilities to consider the usage of stronger BMPs.  Frog Environmental has created a series of Intermediate BMPs designed and uniquely formulated to lower the pollutant levels in your sample results and achieve compliance. Services such as StormPROOF Vacuum Technology and sweeper trucks work alongside our Intermediate BMP products to ensure substantial reductions in exceedances.

Our Intermediate BMP products and services include:

  • Down Spouts Media Filters
  • Temporary Settling Ponds
  • Gravel Bag Treatment
  • Tote Treatment
  • Drop Inlet filters
  • Mini Tote Treatment Systems
  • Site Washing
  • Sweeper Trucks
  • Regenerative Airflow Vacuums