Stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices)2017-02-16T13:03:34+00:00

What should the SWPPP’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) consist of?

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs):

  • Minimum BMPs
    • Good Housekeeping
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Spill and Leak Prevention and Response
    • Material Handling and Waste Management
    • Erosion and Sediment Controls
    • Employee Training Program
    • Quality Assurance and Record Keeping
  • Advanced BMPs
    • Exposure Minimization BMPs
      • Storm Resistant Shelters (temporary or permanent)
    • Stormwater Containment and Discharge Reduction BMPs
    • Treatment Control BMPs
    • Other Necessary Advanced BMPs to comply with effluent limitations
  • Temporary Suspension of Industrial Activities; Discharge not required to:
    • Perform monthly visual observations
    • Perform samply and analysis.
    • Note: Must give at least 7 days prior notice via SMARTs
  • BMP Descriptions
    • Targeted Pollutant(s)
    • Frequency, periods, conditions of implementation
    • Locations
    • Responsible Person(s) and Position
    • Maintenance Procedure and Instructions
    • Tools and equipment
    • Indication of practices that need additional visual observations
    • Justification for omissions of BMPs
    • Temporary or Alternative BMPs
  • Design Storm Standards for Treatment Control BMPs
    • Volume-based BMPs
    • Flow-based BMPs