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SMARTS Database

The Storm Water Multiple Application and Report Tracking System more commonly referred to as SMARTS is the Water Board’s online database. The Industrial General Permit requires all documents related to Storm Water to be certified and submitted electronically on the website. These documents can include a site’s Notice of Intent (NOI) or No Exposure Certification (NEC) application, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Storm Water Sample Results, or Annual Reports. SMARTS has three types of user roles: Legally Responsible Persons (LRPs), Duly Authorized Representatives (DARs), and Data Entry Persons (DEPs). Each Facility is required to have an LRP account on SMARTS in order to apply for either NOI or NEC coverage under the IGP. That LRP has the option to link additional users to the account. For example, Frog Environmental can be linked to SMARTS as a Data Entry Person. As your DEP, Frog Environmental can assist with uploading and properly preparing documents that are required to be on SMARTS. Although we can help with the data entry, all documents are required to certified and submitted by either the LRP or the DAR that is linked to the facility’s SMARTS account. We also assist with the certification process by sending step by step instructions and answering any questions you may have regarding SMARTS.

Click here for Instructions on Linking Frog Environmental as Your LRP on SMARTS