Industrial Stormwater Flocculant Socks (BMPs)2016-10-31T08:12:08+00:00


What is a Flocculant Sock?

A “Flocculant Sock” is a storm water filtration device that assists in metal removal, sediment removal, oil encapsulation, and causes small particles to stick together.


Why should I use a Flocculant Sock?

If you are classified as a Stormwater Discharger, you may be required to comply with the California’s new Industrial General Permit (IGP).

The new IGP requires minimum and more comprehensive BMPs, such as Flocculant Socks. The new Industrial General Permit also has strict enforcement on benchmark/NAL (Numeric Action Level) exceedances.

You should use basic BMPs, such as Flocculant Socks, because they should help keep your site clean. As water is about to discharge the site, wattles can help filter the water as an additional last attempt to remove pollutants.


Does your company offer Flocculant Socks?

Yes, Frog Environmental offers Flocculant Socks as part of its Basic BMP(Best Management Practice) products. BMPs help prevent Stormwater Benchmark/NAL (Numeric Action Level) Exceedances.


How much does a Flocculant Sock cost?

A Flocculant Sock costs $38 for 2′. Also, Frog Environmental offers Flocculant Socks included in its various StormProof BMP Kits.  (Prices subject to change.)