Industrial Storm Wattle and Straw Wattle (BMPs)2016-10-31T08:12:16+00:00


What is an Industrial Storm Wattle?

An Industrial Storm Wattle is a storm water filtration tool to help remove sediment and absorb oil. It acts to trap debris washed away via stormwater runoff and discharges.


Why should I use Industrial Storm Wattles?

If you are classified as a Stormwater Discharger, you may be required to comply with the California’s new Industrial General Permit (IGP).

The new IGP requires minimum and more comprehensive BMPs, such as Industrial Storm Wattles or Straw Wattles. The new Industrial General Permit also has strict enforcement on benchmark/NAL (Numeric Action Level) exceedances.

You should use basic BMPs, such as Industrial Storm Wattles, because they can assist in keeping your site clean, thereby helping to comply and avoid significant fines, lawsuits and level one and two status designations under the new Industrial General Permit (IGP).


Do you offer Industrial Storm Wattles?

Yes, Frog Environmental offers Industrial Storm Wattles as part of its Basic BMP(Best Management Practice) products. BMPs help prevent Stormwater Benchmark/NAL (Numeric Action Level) Exceedances.


How much does an Industrial Storm Wattle cost?

An Industrial Storm Wattle costs $99 for 10′. Also, Frog Environmental offers Industrial Storm Wattles included in its various StormProof BMP Kits.   (Prices subject to change.)