Changing Air Quality standards and regulations can make it difficult for a facility to know what to do to remain compliant. Frog Environmental can help you make sure that your facility’s air quality meets local, state, and federal standards. Our Frog Air Quality team has the expertise needed to provide a range of Air Quality services for your facility, including permitting, emissions reporting, and auditing. We can determine what rules are applicable to your facility so that you have the right permit with the correct emissions calculated. Whether it is inventory of your equipment emissions, rule-specific reporting, or deficiency determinations, Frog can provide what you need to stay in compliance.

Air Quality Site Assessment

-  Facility will be evaluated for Air Quality compliance including permitting needs, reviewing existing records, and examining potential emission sources

-  We can determine additional needs and relevant recommendations to continue or maintain existing compliance

Air Quality Permitting

Perform facility-wide study of compliance, pollution generation, and permitting needs.
- Perform site walk and collect data on processes to evaluate if equipment, processes, or materials on site require Air Permits.
- Review all existing facility and equipment permits for conditions and limitations.
- Gather records, size and specification sheets, material throughputs, maintenance procedures, chemicals on site, etc.
- Review equipment usage and interview on-site personnel about operations.
- Evaluate Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provided by client to determine materials on site subject to AQMD rules.
- Review recent Annual Emission Reports (AER) for accuracy.
- Provide a written report presenting the results of our findings along with recommendations of air quality compliance.
- Generate list of equipment requiring air permits based on California requirements. 
- Prepare and submit permit applications with supporting documentation including facility background, material usage, emissions calculations, and regulatory analysis
- Review customer-provided technical information on equipment, needs, and expected usage
- Perform emissions modeling reports necessary for permit applications
- Review and revisions as needed

-  Identify relevant supporting documentation for equipment permitting

-  Apply for new operational or construction permits

-  Update or modify existing permits due to facility change

Rule Applicability

-  Rule requirements broken down for easier understanding

-  Help personnel identify what to look out for and maintain standards

-  Understand and determine if new rules apply

Annual Emission Report (AER)

Equipment and processes emitting certain levels of air contaminants will be required to submit inventory and emissions

- Identify facility inventory and determine emission sources
- Gather records, equipment specifications, throughputs, fuel usage records, etc. for permitted equipment
- Perform emission calculations
- Prepare and submit AER to client for signature
- Client must provide all required information such as equipment data, throughputs, usage records, and prior AER reports

-  Review and update facility’s emission records

-  Evaluate inventory, emission throughputs, and records to report

Air Quality Operational Plan (AQOP)

Full comprehensive review and plan to help bring your facility into and stay in compliance.

-  A full step by step evaluation of the facility to determine compliance needs of a facility

-  Development of relevant paperwork to both meet requirements of Air Quality and to help facility personnel understand what is required

-  Facility Assessment, Permitting, Rule Applicability all included with a recordkeeping binder maintained for facility to consolidate all requirements

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